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Mobile Counseling

Delivering professional counseling services to your front door.

Traditional Counseling Sessions

As expected, a traditional counseling session takes place at our office location in down town Dallas. Many clients prefer this setting as it allows them an opportunity to get away from other areas of their life and focus specifically on the issue that has brought them to counseling.

What to Expect During Counseling...

Hollywood has done a great job of molding our opinions about what happens in the counseling office. Before I moved the office into our new location, I went furniture shopping with my mom to buy a new couch for the office. She asked me, "do people lay down on your couch?" (In all honesty, it was a fair question since she had been enlisted to help make a decision on which couch would best meet the needs of the office).

I chuckled at her question. But isn't that what we think about as "routine" for a therapy session?

If you have been to therapy before, you are familiar with the process. However, I am writing this information for those who are not familiar with therapy to give them a sense of what to expect (I am not speaking for all therapists nor all therapy venues, only for what to expect at Mobile Counseling - Dallas). The content of each therapy session can vary. For example, the 1st sessions is usually information gathering. It is during this session that questions about personal history and family history are explored, and then counseling goals are set for subsequent sessions. "Homework" assignments are often recommended as a way for you to get the most from your season of counseling. Following your initial session, the majority of your therapy time should focus on whatever brought you into counseling (i.e., "the problem"). I often tell clients that the magic doesn't happen inside the walls of the office (or home if they are receiving In-Home services). It is when they experience the change they are seeking in their daily lives that they see the magic of counseling.

Back to mom's question, "do people lay down on your couch?" 

In the decade that has passed since I graduated and began serving clients, I have had only a few people "lay" on my couch, and ALL of them have been teenagers... 

What are your thoughts?

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